Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why One Agent Bought SehMobile Phone App

This morning I talked to an agent who just purchased our SehMobile Phone App for his agency.

He told me why he bought it,

He learned about the app on Tuesday and mentioned it to his teenage daughter and wife. He says his daughter lives on her smart phone and loves her apps.

Apparently his wife and daughter mentioned it to their friends. On Wednesday he told me at least 20 of his customers called wanting to know about the app and how to get it.

They all wanted their kids who were driving to add it to their smart phones so if they had an accident they could get in touch with either the agent or the carrier immediately.

Having the app on their kids phones made the parents more comfortable.What a great thing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SehMobile is Live

What a great day!

SehMobile is officially launched and underway.

For months we have had a team of as many as 7 people working on our new service which lets you create and customize a phone app for your agency.

But the work never ends. Now we get to build out new features to grow this service so it is the most valuable tool your agency has for connecting with customers and prospects.

One thing I have learned in the process - mobile and apps are not just the future of software, computers and communications. Mobiles apps are the present.

If you thought the world wide web happened in a hurry, you haven't seen anything yet. Mobile will build out 5 times as fast.

The good news is, you now have a very affordable tool to get onto the mobile platforms with your customers.

Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Ranked Insurance Phone Apps

Ever wonder what the top ranked mobile phone apps for insurance are? Maybe not, because maybe you didn't think mobile apps were used much.

According to Mobclix the top ranked paid app in the iPhone App store on Jan 4th, 2011 was Angry Birds. The top ranked free app was Pimple Popper Lite. No wonder you don't think of mobile apps as a place for your business.

But look what the reality is. Here are the top 6 ranked insurance apps in the iPhone App Store on Jan 4th, 2011:
  1. State Farm Pocket Agent ranks 75th
  2. GEICO GloveBox ranks 92nd
  3. iFarmers ranks 245th
  4. Progressive ranks 263rd
  5. Allstate Mobile ranks 421
  6. eSurance Mobile ranks 644

There are over 300,000 apps in the Apple App Store. Those rankings are pretty impressive to me. Obviously the customers of these companies think these apps are important enough to take the time to download them to their phones.

A few agencies have apps. They rank fairly well also.
  1. Drescher Insurance Agency ranks 6017th
  2. The Insurance Dude ranks 2247th
  3. TCP Insurance ranks 2896th
  4. Treutel Insurance ranks 5009th

In the next week or so our SehMobile service will be launching a very affordable way for you and your agency to have its very own mobile app.

I hope you will take a look at it and give it some serious consideration. Based on the rankings above I have to believe your customers would appreciate it.