Monday, June 20, 2011

Time Spent Using App Passes Time Spent Browsing Web

Flurry released a report today showing that people now spend more time using mobile apps than they do browsing the web from their personal computer.

Talk about a major change. Your web site is still your foundation, but your phone app just got a lot higher priority.

Friday, June 17, 2011

62% of Consumers Want Mobile Apps

Interesting coverage on ReadWriteWeb today about a study done by DemandWare.

Read more here.

They go on to compare what consumers say they want to a Forrester Study released today estimating growth of sales through mobile.

My conclusion is that businesses are failing to provide what consumers want and that is holding back sales.

Sounds like a great opportunity for new sales with light competition to me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Smart Phone Market Share May 2011

Neilsen's new number on the smart phone market share wars...

Trends for Next 4 Years

Robert Scoble has a thought provoking post at The Business Insider today where he talks about what Google will look like in 5 years.

But that is not what interested me. He made a list of the trends he sees as happening in force - or not with 3DTV - during this time.

Here they are. How are you preparing for them?

First, what will the trends be for the next four years?

1. Mobile will get bigger screens, more capabilities, and many more users will have more than 100 apps (today only the weirdos like me do, the industry even has a name for us, they call us “heavy app users”).

2. Home entertainment systems will increasingly go completely Internet connected and many people will unplug their cable systems.

3. All media will be streamed, very few users will have downloadable files anymore.

4. There will be “apps of apps.” In other words, there will be apps that join many apps together. Already that’s happening. When I take photos with Instagram I can send those photos over to Foodspotting, Trey Ratcliffe’s photo app, amongst others. Om Malik wrote about that trend yesterday.

5. Social networking will be far more nuanced than it is today. I saw one startup, coming soon, that figured out who people I worked with 10 years ago were. All by just looking at Facebook. How? Artificial Intelligence from a lab at Stanford University.

6. We’re going to know EVERYTHING about ourselves, if we put the data in. Just this past weekend there was a Quantified Self conference with hundreds of attendees (held just a couple of miles from Google’s headquarters).

7. Automobiles will have more interactivity and more “assisted driving technology” than today, but the fully automatic self-driven car will still be years away for the average person due to cost.

8. 3DTV will continue to struggle, due to lack of content and the continued requirement to wear glasses on most screens.

9. Our social graphs will bring us much richer experiences. Going to Sonoma? You’ll know exactly where your friends have visited in the past and you’ll be able to see where celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg or Ashton Kutcher have visited.

10. News has shifted very heavily toward socially-influenced real time displays like Zite, Flipboard, Feedly, etc, on tablets.