Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 3 Things that Make a Great Small Business Phone App

the world of smart phone apps is changing faster than anyone can keep up with it. Still, the basics of relationship building apply when deciding what makes a great phone app.

Here is my current list of the top three things that make a grat small business phone app"

Interaction: To be effective your agency phone app must be interactive. If not, the app experience will fall flat. A great Agency phone app allows your customers and prospects to interact with you and your business at multiple levels

Connection: A great phone app increases connection to your app users. It will increase both the number of connections and the quality of connections.

Relationship: The net result of interactive connections is establishing and building relationships. A great phone app helps you solidfy your relationship with your customers and prospects.

Features I Think You Should Have in Your App

1 - Personal connection page for each staff member with picture and contact info - phone, email, LinkedIn, etc - and a  short bio

2 - On-phone forms - short, easy forms to let your app users get you a quick message

3 - On-phone pages with contact numbers for problems and payments

4 - Interactive map for finding your office or offices

5 - Your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn feeds

6 - Opt-in Notifications so you can alert your users about specials, coupons, storms or other timely news

Our new product group - SehMobile  - builds exactly this type of great small business phone app. Check us out.