Friday, October 31, 2008

Indiana Contractors Insurance - Online

I have been to around a dozen events this month giving a talk on how insurance agents can do business online. I am focusing on the regular home town agency doing small to medium commercial lines insurance.

One of the sites I refer to in my talk is I spoke with this agent a couple of years ago now. If I am remembering correctly, he built this site about five years ago just as something to do. Then he forgot about it.

After some months he starting getting calls from contractors every week or so. They would tell him they found his site and wanted to buy insurance. After enough of them called, he decided maybe there was something to this Internet thing.

Long story short, this is now a major part of his income. He has other similar sites that also seem to do well.

Take a good look at what he has done. There is nothing fancy, but everything is very solid. You can learn a great deal about how to move to doing business online from this.

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California Contractor Bonds said...

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