Friday, November 7, 2008

Symbolic Representation

More thoughts from reading Glut...

Symbolic representation of things is a skill that allows humans to communicate better.

With computers the first common symbolic representation of things might be considered the GUI screens from Windows and Apple. This is kind of like sign language to many, but it was a big step up from the DOS prompt and allowed computers to be much more accessible to many more people.

In today's social web world I can not think of a site that does not include - in fact demand - that each user post a image to be the symbolic representation of themselves. I joined a site recently that defaulted to a very ugly goat picture to encourage you to post your own image selection.

To be honest I find an immediate and subconscious reaction to any site or service that uses these small images. It personalizes.

What else could be added to do this even more?

Sound is often something that drives me away.

Video is good but to static. And how and when to activate it is always an issue.

How do you feel the ability to personalize backgrounds fits into this?

Any other ideas? 

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