Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Entrepreneur as Storyteller

Every entrepreneur is really  a storyteller. Or maybe a songwriter. 

What is a successful product if it is not the physical manifestation of the story some one has seen in their mind's eye?

So I believe the entrepreneur has an idea about a product or service. They consider how to make the idea real. Not just to themselves but to others. After all is a story no one ever hears or reads or sees a story? Not even a dream.

So the entrepreneur assembles all the words needed to describe the product or service. She puts these words in the best order. The most enticing phrasing. She makes others see what she sees. She makes them believe it is real. She shows them how to build it or use it.

She tells the story again and again. Making it better by watching others reactions. 

What started as an idea in her head is now an idea in many heads. Then it moves from being an idea of what might be to an expectation of what could be. Finally it is an idea that should be. It is expected and accepted. No longer new. A familiar tale that is comfortable.

Expected and now wanted. It comes to life and as with all stories now has a life of its own. And the entrepreneur may decide to always tell that story. Or she may go off and let that story have its own life while she makes up a new story to tell.

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