Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Measurements Show Online Growth Changing

A recent report from Universal McCann shows new trends in Internet usage.

Social networks are the big winners this time. Two thirds of all Internet Users spend time managing their online profiles.

96% of active social network users have visited their friends pages.

In the U. S. 60% of active Internet users are active managing their online profile - last years number was 43.2%

At the same time a new Forrester Report shows Internet usage leveling out.

As this reports notes, this is more about a saturated space maturing than - definitely not a decline in usage.

What does this mean? I am guessing it means that as more and more people get used to being online, they form habits and tend to use familiar sites more than exploring new sites. It also looks as if they like to have more general purpose sites like Facebook for activities they used to use single purpose sites such as Flickr for.

You think that means you should make your site or service a Facebook app?

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