Sunday, November 15, 2009

Real Time Streams of Micro Messages

I think about things a lot. To my dismay I often find I can not clarify my thinking well enough to express it clearly. Of course this allows me to think highly of my thinking abilities without having to hold myself to any bothersome form of proof. Very handy in the self image game.

Tech Crunch has a post which clarified my thinking on Twiiter and real time better than I have been able to. As Clint Eastwood said in Bronco Billy - I like it when people come around to my way of thinking. Like I am saying here - especially when they can express my way of thinking better than I can.

Getting to the point...

The post All Aborad the Micro Bus says this...

"Realtime streams can be thought of as a micro-message bus which carries information instantaneously between people. The power of a micro-message is its ability to carry data, usually in the form of a link. It is a vehicle for passing links and other information. The value of a Tweet or status update or a Yammer or a Wave is not only in what it conveys about the sender, but where it leads to."

It has taken me two years but I also have come to the conclusion that the greatest current value of Twiiter and other micro messages is carrying links. These links take me to more information or bring others to more of my information.

Here is the next thought - today's web is still a web of pages. I think tomorrow's web is a web of data and pages. What will be the version of micro messages which will carry data? How will it be received and accepted and acted on? By people or by services?

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