Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Business Moving to Mobile

A post on Mashable today continues to present the cold hard truth that business is moving away from laptops to mobile devices - in this case smart phones.

  • "79% of respondents use their smartphones to conduct most business calls, versus an office phone or home phone.
  • 34% use a smartphone more than a computer for business. 7% even said they don’t take their laptops with them when they travel for business if they have a smartphone.
  • 48% of respondents said that at least two-thirds of their phone communication is via smartphone.
  • Smartphones and intimate relationships tied at 40% for the number one thing respondents can’t live without."

 This trend is only going to grow as the computing platform moves from the desktop and internet to mobile. Historically these changes end up with ten times as many devices on the new platform as existed in the previous platform. 

Do you use a smart phone?

Your customers do. How does your web presence appear on a smart phone browser? How does the interactivity work.

These are things that are heading your way faster than any change before.

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