Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Push To the Limit

As a proud Father I wanted to mention my daughter's new venture - Push to the Limit .

Like many of last years college graduates, there was no job for her. She spent months looking everywhere. She had some physical limitations since she uses a wheelchair. This more or less takes away lots of jobs like waitressing.

But instead of giving up she has started her own website to collect and make available location based information about resources and things to do for other folks in wheelchairs or other limiting issues.

A large part of the success of the site will be getting as many folks as possible to suggest content and information. If you know anyone that might benefit from the information on the site, or anyone who might be willing to suggest information to add to the site, please pass the link along.


Duke - a proud Dad

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Anonymous said...

Cedartown Georgia will host the 10th annual wheelchair athlete training camp in June 2010. You can learn more by visiting!/pages/Cedartown-Wheelchair-Athlete-Training-Camp-5K/115018171704?v=info

Sorry for such a long URL.
Kudos to you daughter.
Chris Beeler