Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mobile Marketing Questions

Angela Bray has an interesting post over on the HubSpot Blog today.

Here are my highlights. Take a moment to read the rest at...

As more and more of us rely solely on smartphones and tablets for information, mobile marketing is the growing jackpot for businesses. Technology is most ultimately the simple and convenient way to blast information in mass form. While original branded content, advertising, expert content, and video dominate the mobile market, sales, specials, discounts and user reviews are reaching their place.

What are the three most important things a small business (under 10 employees) can do to kick-start their mobile marketing campaign?
Make sure your website, emails, landing pages, etc. all display well on a mobile device. Always test everything. When creating content to send out, think about your customers and what you can do to benefit them. If you’re a retail business, claim your profile on Foursquare, Yelp and other local platforms. Also, make sure you’re optimized for search results.
What’s the average cost of a mobile site?
It isn’t necessary to have a completely different mobile version of your site; it just needs to display well on mobile devices. So, avoid flash-based platforms, as it is not supported by iPhone and iPad.

Native App vs. Web App
A native app is created in the device’s language. For example, Mac and iPhone, iPad have its own, Android has its own, BlackBerry has its own. The specific language is self-contained; it takes advantage of the device’s capabilities.
A web app is a website that is enabled to look really good on a web browser; it’s universal.

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