Sunday, December 14, 2008

Connect, Collaborate, Compete

My pause in this blog was to get work going on my project "Connect, Collaborate, Compete".

And, boy howdy, am I pleased with what we have gotten done. OK, so mostly the other folks I work with have gotten done.

This past several years have been about exploring the amazing new technologies that have shown up online. Now I am focusing on concrete steps to implement these in a business setting.

My focus is going to be on small business and/or businesses that have this kind of project driven by some one other than the IT Department. Mostly I will be focused on all of us who do not have any IT department.

My belief is that if the technology is not simple enough to be set up and run by just about anyone, then it is not really ready for the prime time revolution we are already in.

What do I mean by Connect, Collaborate, Compete?

I mean the steps every business or organization needs to be taking to effectively provide your product or service to your customers or members.

Connecting requires a presence. You have to be "there".

Collaborating means you have to be interactive. You have to be "there" and "talking with not to" others.

Compete means just what it sounds like. As they said on the TV show Monk about the lottery "You can't win if your not in". This is not a lottery. This is work. But like the lottery, if you are not "there", you can't win.

Starting with my next post I will focus on very narrow specifics. Not always in any particular order, but at least toward a larger whole.

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