Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Putting Audio to Work for You

Audio is a good way to present yourself and connect with your site visitors.

I read recently that sound is the #2 most powerful connection to memory. Smell was #1 and I don't know how to do smell online. So I think about sound.

In the past I have used mp3's when I used sound only. The problem with this is it takes time for the listener's browser to open the mp3 player on the local computer. The benefit is the mp3 can be downloaded and transferred to the listener's i-Pod or other portable MP3 player.

I suppose I could use Flash. That is what I have gone to for video. Flash is in all modern versions of PC browsers so it solves the problem of the time it takes to open a local player to run the video.

A new online tool from has been brought to my attention by Kip Bodnar over at Digital Capitalism. I thought I would try it out here and let you compare a traditional MP3 audio to an Utterli audio.

Here is the Utterli audio...

Of course Utterli is more than just a way to record. It is also a community site where your recording can be shared with other similar to Twitter. That may or may not be a plus for your use.

Here is the more traditional MP3...

Listen to my MP3 here. Rmember to wait for your media player to open,

I am sure there are other solutions to audio online. Let me hear about them in the comments.

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