Sunday, January 10, 2010

Measuring Twitter Content

ReadWriteWeb has a very interesting post about what type of messages are actually sent using Twitter.

Here is the chart from that posting...

It reminds me of a post I read about early telephone usage. Apparently some argued that phone time - even cell phone time - was too valuable to be wasted on just anything. But think about the "content" of telephone traffic. It is truly mostly about what you had for lunch and where you are or are going.

I think this is also what most web content is now. I think this is only going to become a larger and larger percentage of Twitter - and all other - web traffic.

It's about communications between real people.

I read a lot last month about how the mobile phone industry is going to be collecting all this data about us as we use our phones.

Pretending for the moment that we don't care at all about our privacy - and that is what all these plans about mobile phone use pretend - why is this not the way the land line phone industry has evolved? The answer to that will lead you to the questions about this mobile phone dream.

Personally, if my mobile phone is constantly trying to push ads at me, I will be looking for old fashioned public phone booths in a hurry. I Tivo televisions to get rid of interruption based advertising. I pay for satellite radio.

Every company thinks they can be the next Google based on advertising. The difference is Google makes money on search based advertising not on interruption based advertising. When I am searching for something I welcome ads. At all other times I hate ads.

If the content is not search but people talking to people like we do now on the phone, then businesses are making decisions based on what they want to believe, not on reality.

Twitter and Facebook and all the rest will survive as technologies we have found useful. No one will love them or stay with them - see MySpace - when they fill our idle time with unwanted ad spam.


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Nibby Priest said...

Duke. You have a winner here. I agree with you. Hardly ever watch TV and when I do it is on DVR. I am moving away from XMRadio because ads are creeping in slightly and more towards Pandora.

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Duke Williams said...


You are most definitely ahead of the curve. It can be done, but it would be easier if the independent agency carriers would allow secure third party access to your customer data. You need to be the face in front of your insured.