Monday, July 14, 2008

RTP Startup Weekend

What a weekend!

I learned more about the value of social media than I knew there was to learn. The speed and impact was amazing.

On Friday night the new businesses we started had zero returns from a Google search.

By Monday afternoon this was the Google search result: - 268 returns - 217 returns - 196 returns - 47 returns

That was the power of twitter, some new blogs with posts, some existing blogs with posts and a few Facebook accounts.

One thing I would have never thought about - each new business created a new twitter account in the business. Then they referenced the new business web site in a twitter post. If you do a search on Google notice how fast the twitter posts get found.

I know it did not hurt that the event got local media coverage. it will have national coverage on CNBC this Friday. The results count will be interesting then. But this early result seems to almost all be social media.

So much more to learn.

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Jason Peck said...

Hey man,

good meeting you this weekend. Definitely agree with the value of social media. When we started there were about 20 results for "scavenja" on google. Now there's 280+. Not to mention the fact that we've formed relationships with players and other new friends through social media, and that is also really valuable. Would love to talk about it more with you sometime.