Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Be the Best of Something

Driving over the New River bridge on US highway 19 in West Virginia you can't help but notice the sign on both sides telling you this bridge is the "longest arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere".

I really like the last touch. I would have been satisfied just saying America - meaning of course the US. These guys took it to a whole other level by saying for an entire hemisphere.

The most important thing of course is they found something the were the #1 at and let everybody know.

In business, we should all do the same. 

Find that thing that makes you special. It may be equivalent of being the longest arch bridge in Durham County, North Carolina. It really doesn't matter so much what it is. It just has to be honest and true.

Folks like to work with the best of something. It is your job to be sure you tell them what that "best" is when they work with you.

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