Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Security at the Olympics

I just read there are 100,000 security personnel at the Olympics. I don't really find this all that newsworthy.

Totally by chance I have known at least one athlete at every Summer Olympics since 1972. So I have had the great joy of hearing these folks tell me about their personal experiences.

A friend who competed in the Sydney Games told me she was met by a personal security person as soon as she got off the plane. There was always one security person with her 24 hours a day for the entire Olympics.

That is more interesting to me than a number. Maybe they are doing the same in China. I'd like to know. I guess I'll ask.

The story makes it personal. The number doesn't. I always like the story better. But, with that said, I generally hate the "up close and personal" type of story. I guess it is a hard line to call.

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