Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why Do People Come to Your Office?

I was teaching a class on interacting with your customers online in Atlanta this past week. A basic question occurred to me in a different way.

I asked folks why people came by their office. 

Everyone agreed that not a single customer came to their office to be told how many years experience the combined staff had. Or how they provided great service. Or even how many years they had been in business.

So I asked folks how many of their web sites spent much of their time telling visitors this stuff. Turns out most all of the web sites spent most of their pages on this.

Make your web site just like your office for your customers. Whatever the reasons are that folks come to your office, or store, let them get that same need met on your web site.

Now you need to make a list of the reasons people come to your physical location. Then make a list of how you would satisfy these needs through your web site. Then you will have the finest online business going for the products or services you provide.

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