Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Generation M

Are you ready for Generation M? At last we have a new generation ID and you - at any age can be part of it.

JP Rangaswami has a great post - titled "when virtual worlds and physical worlds meet" that defines Generation M. Maybe this is old to many of you, but it's new to me and I like it.

Here is the quote from his post...

"Generation M, the mobile multitasking multimedia millenials, spend time online, they’re not sacrificing face time with their friends and family.

They’re sacrificing TV time. And advertisement time. And everything else that goes with it. Particularly when you compare them to earlier post-TV generations.

So they’re going to do what we never managed to do enough of. They’re going to choose what they do in their leisure time. Choose whose recommendations they trust. Choose whom they spend time with. Choose who they share their intentions with. Choose."

Check out his full post.

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