Saturday, February 14, 2009

Twitter User Demographics

I was speaking with Pat Alexander - @patalexander on Twitter - this week about how my impression of the average age of Twitter users was between 30 and 50.

Here is a study I saw yesterday giving me more facts than my gut reaction.

Study of Twitter Users

Pat asked me what I thought it meant that the age of users was getting older. What would the young folks do?

I think this is the indication that social media in general is now a permanent communications platform. When my kid's grandparents got cell phones, my kids certainly did not quit using cell phones. Cell phones had become a permanent platform.

This doesn't mean Twitter or Facebook will be to final form of these solutions. Heck, it may be that neither are around in 10 years. Who were the early cell phones carriers and manufacturers?

So don't be the last business to "get" social media.

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