Saturday, February 28, 2009

Six Trends

Ilieva Ageenko at Dots2Connect has more interesting thinking going on. This time 6 trends she thinks every business should pay attention to.

Here is the list...

  1. Community Advice and Growing importance of Peer Review
  2. Increasingly opportunistic purchasing
  3. Experiential marketing and new realms of Customization
  4. Retail giants becoming more "mobile friendly"
  5. Proliferation of video advertising
  6. Adoption of Web TV
You should read her post, but the things I think are most important on this list are peer review, opportunistic purchasing and mobile friendly.

Starting with the last - mobile friendly - this has been on every trend list for the last decade and never arrived. I think it is arriving now because a full web browser is becoming standard on cell phones. This is the key. It is really understanding your web presence now has more channels it will be distributed through.

Opportunistic purchasing is going to become a default with the marriage of GPS in your cell phone, Google Earth and location based pricing. You will start to see opt in specials text messaged to you from nearby stores and restaurants. Show them the message on your phone and get the special price. It will be like coupons on steroids.

Finally, peer review is becoming expected. I always use to find places to eat when I travel. How will you be peer reviewed? You need to know and be pro-active.

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