Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long Tail for Keywords in Search

I have been talking to a lot of groups about how to get found in free search results - actually how to get to the top of the free search first page.

I talk about the long tail of keywords that get traffic to a web site.

As a concrete example I am going to show you one of my sites July 2009 charts on keyword sources of visits. What amazes me about this is how much of my traffic comes from keywords that are not in the top 100.

The charts below show a graph for all keywords, for the top 100 and for the top 5. I had a total of 3053 different, unique keyword searches that led to a visit on my pages.

My top five keywords gave me 22% of my traffic.

My top 10 keywords gave me 29% of my traffic.

My top 100 keywords gave me 57% of my traffic.

After the top hundred, I got 43% of my total traffic.

In other words, the vast majority of my visits came from keyword searches that were only entered 18 or fewer times in July of 2009. Without all the long tail of infrequently used keywords I would never make enough money off this site.

Here are the charts.

All Keywords

Top 100 Keywords

Top 5 Keywords

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