Friday, October 2, 2009

Are You A Stuntman?

I am going to make this post something I have never done. It will be basically cut and paste of an email I received from Bob Garfield and the Chaos Scenario. I think it is too well said to try to re-word. Do check out Bob's book.

Bob got it from Greg Stielstra of PyroMarketing

"Are You a Stuntman?

Most people will skin a knee or break a bone if they slip and fall on a sidewalk, but a stuntman would spring to his feet unharmed. Two factors make the difference and teach an important lesson for business and life.

Surprise vs. Expectation
People injured by falls were often surprised by their fall. They didn't see it coming and their surprise contributed to their inadequate response.

Stuntmen are rarely surprised by a fall. Not only do they expect to fall, they plan for it, rehearse it, and even initiate it when the time comes.

Stopping the fall vs. Starting to land

The first reaction of most people injured by a fall is often a futile attempt to prevent it. If they slip on the stairs they turn back trying to grab the railing. This prevents them from preparing to land which, in turn, causes awkward landings and injuries.

Stuntmen, by contrast, don't try to stop their fall. They know the truth of the old joke, "It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop." That's why the instant their fall begins, they shift their focus to landing properly. Though their fall often appears more dangerous, the result is safer.

Please try this at home
Businesses that don't expect to fall--those that expect the circumstance that gave rise to their industry to endure forever--never prepare to land. But history teaches that every business falls eventually. None are immune.

So, expect to fall. Actively look for the things that might trip you up. Watch for shifting environmental circumstances. And when you spot trends that may impact your business don't try to prevent them--you can't stop cultural shifts as immense as the digital revolution. Instead, immediately begin deciding how to land by exploring ways you can adapt. The courageous among you might even initiate the fall. If you do, then you'll be the first in your industry to land on your feet and best prepared for your next scene. Spread the fire. GS"

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