Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Losers and Winners

Have you or your kids or your school ever participated in a tournament or other competition where only one person or team wins?

My kids played tennis. A typical tournament would have between 10 and 20 players in the draw they were in. In a tournament with 16 players in a draw, 15 kids lose. But for some reason my kids kept signing up to do it again.

And no, we didn't just raise stupid kids. Stupid parents maybe, but not stupid kids.

So why does everyone else go?

It's because they all get something out of it positive - right?

In a track or swimming event they focus on personal bests. Or they like the social connections. Or who knows what.

But it is as plain as day there is something that keeps bringing us back or these types of events would have died out years and years ago.

You have to be honest, most people in any tournament or race don't think they have even the slightest chance of winning. But they still like whatever it is they are getting from participating. They don't think they lost. They know they got what they came for.

All this is to say that insurance companies who have basically killed the comparison rating business because they are afraid to compete and be compared don't really get it. There isn't a single winner and then a bunch of losers. You have to understand what you came to the event to get.

How do you define winning? Pick a niche? Better than last year?

In the process of being afraid of the opportunity, these companies are killing their independent agency sales channel.

Maybe we could set comparison raters up like a tournament. What is that missing piece again?

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