Friday, April 24, 2009

1 Billion Downloads in 9 Months

Wired had the story today on Apple's 1 billionth app store download

Image how fast the world and our baseline expectations can change when you realize this was done in only 9 months.

I can tell you as an i-Phone user of 2 full weeks today, I find it hard to remember a world before I had an i-Phone full of apps. Maybe its my memory or maybe they are just that useful.

Last night I showed my i-Phone to my brother in law at about 11:45 PM. Two hours later I took it away from him so I could go to bed.

The thing really has that effect on people. It will do you no good to go to the store and see it. You have to get someone to loan you theirs for 30 to 60 minutes. Would won't put it down and you won't make a phone call. The phone is just a nice to have thing on the i-Phone. To be honest, if the i-Touch had 3-G access instead of just wi-fi, I might never get an i-Phone.

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