Monday, April 27, 2009

Customer Retention

The American Agent and Broker magazine has a timely post on the value of keeping your existing customers. It Bears Repeating... 

While Laura Toops is focused on you keeping your current customers - and I agree - I think you also need to find cost effective ways to get the 8% to 15% of insurance buyers who are changing carriers this year.

Here is the list I believe in for why people change insurance companies:

1 - bad experience with current company - claims, service or premium increase
2 - move to new area
3 - buy first car, or in some demographics buy new car
4- new relationship with some one in the insurance business they would trust and like to work with
5 - sold by active sales approach

I have no idea of the order these fall in for volume. I'd be interested in your feedback.

Reasons 1,2 and 3 would be sales you get as a result of being found.

Reasons 4 and 5 would be sales you would get as a result of being active.

Where do you and your business come out on these?

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