Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Service on the i-Phone

As I mentioned yesterday, I just got my first i-Phone. I intentionally do not use the blog to promote the various products I am involved with, but today I am granting myself an exception under the heading of discussing the idea more than the product. Trust me, I will promote the product in plenty of other ways.

Below I have embedded a video of me using one of our services on my i-Phone. The focus is terrible, but I hope you can get the idea.

Here is what I love about this - whether my service or some one else's.

The i-Phone is fast enough to use a full browser and let me run the same programs I run for my work on my phone. This means I get all the same information when I am out of the office I can get when I am in the office. 

I can...

  • look up a customer,
  • see their picture,
  • see their address,
  • use the link to Google Maps to get directions,
  • click on the phone number to have my i-Phone call them,
  • see all the files, pictures, videos we have,
  • e-mail or message them through this service,
  • send them documents, forms, etc through this service

I can't...

  • upload new information into this service - maybe later

Maybe all of you are used to this level of mobile access. I have not been. the reasons have been...

  • Phones did not have a full browser, just mobile browsers
  • Connection speed was too slow for rich content
  • Most web services were using screen design without mobile applications in mind so the user experience was poor

These problems are just gone as I use this service. What a great new world. And it is only going to get better.

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