Monday, June 23, 2008

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales are done by you having a link on your site with your affiliate number on the link. When someone from your site clicks on the link and then buys a product at the site you sent them to, you get paid an affiliate commission.

You have to have signed up as an affiliate with the site and been given the unique link for this to work. pioneered this monetization technique. There are many, many people making a living online by referring visitors to another site from which they receive an affiliate commission. This can be a good revenue source, but it is not your primary business.

If you are in the insurance business you will be interested to know that in many states you can be paid an affiliate commission by insurance companies for things like car insurance referrals. Last time I looked you could be paid by Progressive for instance. It is a lot less than an agent’s commission, but then you are doing no work except referring the visitor.

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