Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Web Site Design - What Goes Where and Why

In creating a web site that will attract visitors, be worth their time and have them come back again and again you need to create a three tier design.


The content you create needs to position you as an expert on the one subject the page discusses. By positioning yourself as a valid expert you create a level of trust.

The content pages are not sales pages. They talk about the one specific issue that is on the visitors mind. The page should talk about this issue from the visitors perspective. The page should empathize with the problem. It should demonstrate your understanding of the issue. Without being a sales page, it should discuss options for resolving the problem. It should discuss the things the visitor should be sure to think about.

You should look at this the way you would advise a friend if they came to you about this issue.

The traffic level of the site is the "Being Found" issues that have been discussed in many of my early posts to this blog. Remember to create pages search engines can understand.

The monetization level comes at the end of the content. Actually, it can come in the body, but only as a hyperlink. I believe you should always separate your actual sales pages from your content pages by a hyperlink. The content page should make the visitor take the action of clicking on the link to indicate that they would like to move to more of a sales oriented page.

If you are a small business, the monetization will be about selling your product or services. The content page establishes the relationship. Shows you are knowledgeable and creates a trusting relationship.

The links should occur naturally in your discussion of the issue. For instance, when you are talking about a possible solution, make the link a part of the sentence.

At the end of the page, you should clearly suggest the person take the next step to a specific solution by clicking on the appropriate link. If you are suggesting multiple options for solutions, clearly show each as a separate link.

Remember, let your web page represent you the same way you would represent yourself if this person came to your office. Build trust and a relationship and the sale will take care of itself.

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