Thursday, June 19, 2008

Make Your Web Pages You

Here is a truth.

One person at a time views your web page.

Think about what that means to the opportunity you have.

You should take this truth and use it to present yourself as you. You are unique. You are really good at certain things. You have a personality. Your web page needs to offer all these things to your visitor.

I am sure you have noticed that customers who come to your office prefer to work with one specific individual. Folks that call ask for a specific person. That is because they like that person as a person. They have a relationship with that person.

Visitors to your web site will have a relationship with your web site. Make that a great relationship by making it a personal relationship.

Here are some examples of the things I believe create this relationship.

  • Write your pages yourself - no matter how you write.
  • Write your pages in a conversational style. This means write like you would actually talk to that visitor if they were in your office. There is simply no easier way to create a relationship than talking with some one.
  • Put a picture of yourself on your site. Not on every page.
  • Put your name on your site.
  • Put your specific contact information on your site.
  • Put a short video or voice recording of you on your site. The topic should be relevant to the page they are on.

Making your web pages you is the first basic step in creating an interactive relationship with your customers online. It gives them a way to begin to trust you as a real person.

While you are at it, if you have some real customer testimonials, put those online as well. People naturally are more comfortable with some one they have been referred to. Short of a direct referral, testimonials are the next best thing.

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