Monday, June 30, 2008

Who Is Your Boss?

If you run your own business, you know that your customers are your boss.

If you want to do well and succeed, you need to make your boss happy. You also want as many bosses as you can get.

Is your customer telling you they want you to be online? Your honest answer can easily be "No".

If this is your answer, then I am going to tell you that you need to be online more than ever. Here is why.

If your whole industry is changing because of the way the Internet is changing communications and your boss does not think that is important, then I can only conclude that your boss is a part of a group which is getting smaller every day.

You want to be part of a growing group, not a declining group. You are not hearing the forest that does not know you exist, you are hearing the trees that still haven't changed.

I asked the staff at my office who are under age 40 how they bought their insurance. And by the way, the same holds true for everything they buy.

First - they did not look in the Yellow Pages. In fact, they no longer keep a copy.
Second - they did not call to get a quote, even when that was suggested online.
Third - they preferred to spend more if it meant they could finish the purchase online right then.
Fourth - if you were not found online, they never knew you existed.

I have heard a lot of insurance agents and companies say they did not want these customers. They thought they would be bad customers. I imagine lots of other business people have this same reaction.

So, the question you have to ask yourself is "Do you fell lucky?"

The question you have to answer is - "If you do not want new customers under age 40, where do you think new customers are going to come from?'

The question I ask is "If you think the 70% of potential customers are customers you do not want, are you saying you really want only the part of the population that can not afford an Internet connection or does not have the skills to use the Internet?" I have to really doubt that.

If your customers are your boss, and almost all new customers want you to be online, you should do what your boss wants you to do.

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