Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Small Local Company Using Social Media Well

In trying to understand how a small, local business can use social media I have a great example in the 3Cups. Begging their forgiveness in advance, and without their permission, I am going to review the things I see them doing which seem to me to be most of the basics you should consider for social media for your local business.

I discovered 3 Cups through Twitter. One of the people I follow gave them a mention. So obviously they use Twitter.

Here is their Twitter page....

You will notice that in their Twitter profile they list their website. So after I clicked on "Follow" to begin following 3 Cups, I clicked on their website link.

The web site is very attractive and informative.

It takes you to their Blog. Notice their blog has a Digg button very prominently to make it easy for readers to submit the page to Digg. You can subscribe to their blog with an RSS feed prominently displayed.

The web page also has a tab for their "Manifesto" - I really like that idea - kind of an about page but stronger.

The web site takes you to their newsletter. It is easy to sign up.

Back to the main website home page - at the bottom it invites you to follow them on Facebook.

So they have a Facebook page.

On their FaceBook page you can sign up to be a fan. That is pretty neat. I am not certain how they are using that yet.

On Facebook you can tell your experience. They have discussions. They have pictures and you can add your pictures.

Back on their website they have "Subscriptions". You can buy these directly online.

They have an easy to use shopping cart.

This is a very good checklist for planning your online marketing.

How much of this are you doing? How are you tracking the results? What are your results?

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