Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Are People Saying About You?

People online talk about everybody and everything. You can believe they are talking about your business.

Do you know how to find out what folks are saying? What they think?

The easiest way is with a Google / Yahoo / Microsoft search.

Most folks have done vanity searches on their name. Have you done one on your business's name.

I did this recently with a service we have had on the market for the past 3 1/2 years. I was amazed to get 98,500 results.

Take the time to go way past the first page or two. Look for entries on forums or blogs. I found the forums especially helpful. Plus I had never heard of most of these forums before so now I monitor them every few days. With several I have even begun participating.

Much to my surprise I found forum entries comparing us to specific competitors. I would never have been able to see such honest opinions if I asked these questions myself. Most people are too polite to be that honest.

After you do this a few times you may start thinking about setting up a forum on your own web site. Let your customers talk to each other - both good and bad.

Learn to listen online and you will find ways to provide your customers with a better experience. That's good for both of you.

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