Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Social Media in 2009

From ReadWriteWeb recently there is a great post titled 10 Ways Social Media Will change in 2009.

You may just be ready to think about the first couple of issues - it's about people and creating value. But these are really very much worth thinking hard about as you learn to move your business online. Get these two right and everything else takes care of itself.

Here is the headline list on 10 ways...

  1. It's About People
  2. Creating Meaning and Value
  3. Enabling Convergence
  4. Building a Truly Cross-Platform Experience
  5. Creating Relevant Social Networks
  6. Innovating in the Advertising Space
  7. Helping People Organize Their "Old" Social Media Ecosystem
  8. Connecting with the Rest of the US and the World
  9. Preparing for New Social Media Jobs
  10. Making Money
Most of us are not all that directly involved in issues 3 through 10 but it never hurts to take a peak at the larger environment.

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