Monday, May 19, 2008

Enter Keywords into Your AdWords Campaign

Once you have saved your ad text you are asked to enter the keywords you are willing to pay for to have you AdWords ad be shown.

Naturally, you should first use the keywords you used when you built the web page you are sending people to when they click through your ad.

There are three ways to enter the same keyword or words.

1 – You can enter the word with no “ marks or [ marks. This will mean that if the word or words you enter are anywhere in the search, your ad will be displayed.

2 – You can enter the word or words inside “ marks. This means that if the words appear only in this exact order in the search will your ad be displayed.

3 – You can enter the word or words inside [ ] marks. This means that only if these are the only words and in this exact order will your ad be displayed.

I suggest you enter each keyword each way. The reason is that AdWords wants to show the most relevant ads. AdWords considers the words in [ ]’s and in “ “’s to be more relevant that the plain entry. They consider the words in [ ] ‘s most relevant of all.

When you are more relevant you will be placed higher in the results.

AdWords has an excellent keyword suggestion tool. You can enter a keyword or two in the “Want More” box to the right of the keyword entry and AdWords will return a great many suggestions. While you may not want to use them here, they will definitely give you some ideas for more pages. These words are words that Google knows have been used for searches and feel they are related to your search topic.

Do not load up any single ad with lots of keywords. You need to remember that your strength is your narrow focus. If some of the keyword suggestions look promising you should consider creating a page, or group of pages focused on those keywords.

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