Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frames and Search Engines

“Frames” is an older web technique that puts a static “frame” or border around a dynamic portion of a page. It is used to keep information such as your name and logo always in front of the person reading your page.

Because it does not refresh the entire page the title, description and keywords do not change. Search engines do not see the various pages that appear inside the frame as a separate page.

Frames give search engines fits which means you do not get your page ranked as highly or at all.

So, don’t ever use frames if it is important to you to be found and understood by a search engine.

Some Web 2.0 pages have taken this issue to newer technology. My basic feeling is this. For sales pages or information pages, Web 2.0 may need to be limited. Remember, one page should be about just one thing.

Web 2.0 technology is great for applications, just not sales pages.

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