Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sponsored Links and Pay Per Click Ads

I strongly suggest that once you have built and published your web pages about the just one thing you wanted those pages to be about, you start driving traffic to them by setting up a Sponsored Links account.

This allows you to start getting visitors to your site today instead of waiting for your ranking in the free search results to become established.

I have used 3 of these:

1 - Adwords – Google’s Sponsored Links ad program
2 - Yahoo Ads
3 - Microsoft Ads

My experience has been that Google drives more traffic to my pages than the others combined. So I am going to focus on walking you through setting up an AdWords account. The others will be similar enough.

Go to Google and click on the link at the bottom of their page titled “Advertising Programs”

It will take you to this page.

Select Google AdWords. I will talk about AdSense later.

You will have to provide a credit card number in the sign up process because that is how you will be paying for the ads you run.

Once you have set up your account it is time to set up your first campaign. Google’s tutorials are very good, I suggest you use them instead of my taking your time to go into that detail here.

But I do have things for you to think about that you might not get from the Google Tutorials.

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