Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Page Elements to Improve Your Search Position

Here is a list of additional things that will help search engines understand the just one thing your page is about.

Use the EXACT title in a headline.

Use the EXACT title in a sub heading.

Use the EXACT title a few times, but not too often, in the body of your text.

Insert an image on your page and make the “atl” description of the image in the html the EXACT same as your title.

Before you post the image to your page right click on the image to see the images properties. In the properties box that comes up change the title, description and tags to be the EXACT same as your page title.

Add a hyperlink to your page that has as a part of the text description of the hyperlink your EXACT title. I do this by adding a hyperlink at the bottom of each page that goes something like this “Return to Home page from Workers Compensation Insurance in Raleigh page.” This of course is if my title is “Workers Compensation Insurance in Raleigh”.

Finally, I am told that search engines do not rate short pages as high as pages with over say 600 words in them. I do know that you are always balancing the needs of your human readers with the needs of the search engine crawlers. I think that less than 600 words is probably not an extremely useful page for human readers in most cases.

Later I will have posts on what you need to think about for readers of a web page. Why are they there? What do you want to offer them? What actions do you want them to take. Remember, this is why they will come back to your page.

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